Miss America pageant responds to John Oliver’s ‘Last Week Tonight’ takedown

09.23.14 5 years ago

Miss America pageant responds to John Oliver”s “Last Week Tonight” takedown
The Miss America Organization said it was common practice to advertise the total figure offered for scholarships rather than what is actually being spent.

TruTV, the cable network formerly known as Court TV, is rebranding itself for comedy
The Turner cable network will introduce a “way more fun” tagline next month, plus four new comedies.

“Super Creepy Rob Lowe” stars in a DirecTV ad
Also meet the balding “Less Attractive Rob Lowe.”

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What”s up with the “Dallas” season finale “shocking twist”?
“We knew we wanted to have a big ending,” says exec producer Cynthia Cidreand, “and we have always tried to find some massively whiplash-y )(ending), where your head spins on your shoulders. We had played with it for quite a while although it was really secret.”

“60 Minutes” has its best debut in 17 years
The long-running news program was the No. 2 show of the week, drawing 17.88 million viewers.

Who gets the credit for “How to Get Away with Murder” – Shonda Rhimes or its creator?
Will the ABC series become a “Shonda Rhimes Success” or a “Pete Nowalk Failure”?

Chelsea Handler parodies “The Lion King” using her dog to promote her Netflix comedy special
“Uganda Be Kidding Me” premieres on Oct. 10.

The 3-breasted woman seeking an MTV reality show is a hoax
The woman behind the stunt has a history of creating hoaxes.

Rhea Perlman talks about being unable to open her “Mindy Project” script
The former “Cheers” star makes her debut tonight as Danny”s mom.

Here is “Girls” star Adam Driver”s high school yearbook photos
Also, check him out in junior high.

Alfonso Ribeiro got Will Smith”s permission to use “Gettin” Jiggy With It” on “Dancing”
As the former “Fresh Prince” star explains to Us Weekly, “First I had to clear it, so Jazzy Jeff had cleared the song and then Will's people had not gotten it to him. And it just wasn't clearing. So when I found out it wasn't cleared, I texted him and said, 'Hey man, I want to use your song' and he immediately wrote back, 'I'm on it!'”

“Wonder Years” kids to reunite on stage
New York”s 92Y will host an evening with Fred Savage, Danica McKellar and Josh Saviano on Oct. 20, an event that will be streamed online.

“Sleepy Hollow”s” season premiere used all the rules of modern serialized TV against its viewers
From the time jumps to the dream sequences.

Robin Williams” “Mork” suit is for sale
The “Mork & Mindy” egg used to transport Mork is also up for auction.

Jerry Seinfeld”s car breaks down while filming “Comedians in Cars” with Bill Burr
Seinfeld was filming in a 302 Boss Mustang.

“Key & Peele” offer gay wedding advice
Watch another clip from the new season.

“NCIS” nabs an “Awkward” star
Nikki DeLoach will guest in a November episode.

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