Neil Patrick Harris Has Heard About That ‘Supergirl’/’Flash’ Musical Crossover

Getty Image / Warner Bros.

“Mayhem of the Music Meister!” was an especially fun episode of Batman: The Brave and the Bold if you were a fan of Neil Patrick Harris. The actor provided not just simple voice over work, but his singing talents as well, to become the villainess Music Meister. Considering The CW has announced a musical crossover between The Flash and Supergirl, it seemed the perfect opportunity for Harris to reprise the character. But would he?

We just had our first four-show crossover which turned out pretty great considering how much planning had to go into pulling it off. The Supergirl/Flash crossover won’t be quite as complicated at just two episodes, but it has a lot of potential considering how many musically inclined cast members they already have (check them out singing the Firefly theme). Music Meister can control other people with the sound of his voice, and his Brave and the Bold episode found him controlling villains as well as heroes. So I can only imagine where the series creators could go with him in live action. Plus, they bring in silly villains sometimes (Mark Hamill’s Trickster, for instance), and will be getting another in 2017 with Mr. Mxyzptlk showing up on Supergirl (I thought he could be an easy into the musical episodes actually).

In an interview with the actor about his upcoming turn as Count Olaf in Netflix’s A Series of Unfortunate Events, IGN.com asked if he’d heard about the planned event. He has, but that seems to be about the extent of it, unfortunately.

“I mean, I did the Music Meister in a recording booth in L.A. 15 years ago or something, you know, and then it comes out a year later,” he said. “It was a fun episode, it was a good thing to. But I’ve heard that Joss [Whedon] is involved in some way, but I don’t know if that’s true or not.”

There was, in fact, a rumor earlier this year that Whedon would be directing the musical crossover. We still don’t have confirmation on that, but it would make a lot of sense considering his experience with the musical episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog (which Harris starred in). Producer Greg Berlanti has said they’d like at least one “original piece of music” for the crossover and did not cross Hamilton’s Lin-Manuel Miranda off his wish list.

“He wears a big zoot suit, from what I remember,” Harris added of his time with the character. “The song was fun to sing, so I don’t know; we’ll see.” Please, CW, please make this happen!

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