Never Say Die: 21 highlights from Josh Brolin’s terrific,’Goonies’-heavy Reddit AMA

Though he was ostensibly promoting his role in the upcoming Robert Rodriguez sequel “Sin City: A Dame to Kill For,” Josh Brolin's Reddit AMA on Thursday was delightfully all over the map, with topics ranging from “The Goonies” (“I've never had more fun on a movie”) to his disastrous “Thrashin'” audition (“an 18 wheeler ran over it”) to the insanity of working with Paul Thomas Anderson (“It felt like swimming in a Ralph Steadman drawing”) to that horrible moment on the set of “American Gangster” with Russell Crowe (“I went back to my trailer waiting to be fired”). But mostly he talked about “The Goonies,” and god love him for it.

Check out the 21 best moments from the spirited, candid and wildly entertaining Q&A below.

1. His favorite superheroes are the Hulk, Thor and…Richie Rich?

@Judomonkeykyle asks: Hi Josh, are you a comic book fan? Who is your favorite superhero/supervillan?

@Josh_Brolin answers: Thor and Hulk.

Richie Rich, which I am ashamed to admit. Richie Rich, Hulk, and Thor (I had a thing for blonds?)

2. Tommy Lee Jones is even grittier than you imagined.

@lmanders32 asks: Tell me which is grittier: Tommy Lee Jones' glare, or a literal bucket of grits?

@Josh_Brolin answers: Glare. Hands down.

3. He totally bombed his “Thrashin'” audition.

@judomonkeykyle asks: How much training did you have to do for Thrashin”? Did you already know how to skateboard?

@Josh_Brolin answered: I did. On the audition, part of the audition process was me having to skateboard outside while they watched me from across the street, second floor window. I hit a pebble, my skateboard went out into the street, and an 18 wheeler ran over it. The only reason I got the part was because the Goonies poster was up at the time. But yes I got the part.

4. He was a very, very pretentious teenager.

@I_am_solipsism asks: What's your craziest on-set story?

@Josh_Brolin answers: My craziest on-set story comes from during the Goonies, when I came up to Spielberg and said that I wanted to climb the walls of the tunnels and that it represented my mother's womb, for some odd reason. I was reading Stanislawski at the time and Spielberg's response was “Why don't you just act.”

5. He has a lot of great “Goonies” stories.

@GrandMasterT asks: “The Goonies” is the all time best adventure kid's movie for my generation. Do you have a funny or interesting story from making that movie?