‘Archer’ Goes To ‘Danger Island’ In An Exclusive New Trailer

Last season, Archer, after a turn in a neo-noir modern-day Los Angeles, went a little more old-school as world’s deadliest (notice we didn’t say “effective”) secret agent Archer (H. Jon Benjamin), trapped in a coma, dreamed an entire season of episodes set in 1947, where he’s a Philip Marlowe-esque private eye investigating the death of his partner Woodhouse (previously voiced by the sadly departed George Coe). Notably, when we got to the end of the season, we didn’t get the ending we expected. Which sets up for the launch of season nine quite effectively, as Archer and what’s left of the operation formerly known as ISIS head for Danger Island.

This season will send up the South Seas adventure stories common in Hollywood in the 1930s. It’s set in 1939 and Archer is now a drunken seaplane pilot bumming his way around the Pacific Rim with co-pilot Pam (Amber Nash) who stumbles over a pulpy quest while dealing with a shady German (Chris Parnell’s Cyril) and assorted femmes fatale, including Lana (Aisha Tyler) and Cheryl (Judy Greer). As for Kreiger (Lucky Yates), let’s say he won’t be getting a break this season.

And of course, there are natives angry at all these heavily armed and highly irresponsible foreigners invading their homes. The local wildlife aren’t fans either, so Archer is probably due to face his gatorphobia yet again, this time against the Siamese crocodile. Hey, at least they’re small.

Archer will be hitting Danger Island April 25th, on FXX.