New ‘Maze Runner’ trailer: Dylan O’Brien takes an elevator ride to Hell

(CBR) Rise and shine, greenies: It”s the first full trailer for Fox”s “Maze Runner.”

Based on the young-adult novel series by James Dasher, director Wes Ball”s “Maze Runner” stars “Teen Wolf” actor Dylan O”Brien as Thomas, who wakes up in an elevator without any memories about who he is or what he”s done, except for his name. When the elevator reaches its destination, Thomas finds himself in The Glade, an expansive field populated by boys in similar situations – all without memories, but with more experience in their mysterious circumstances.

The elevator is a one-way ticket, making it impossible to leave The Glade through that route. There might be one option of escape, however: A deadly maze on the edge of The Glade – a maze no one has ever successfully navigated to completion.

“Maze Runner” hits theaters on Sept. 19.