Here’s a doggy treat for you: A new ‘Secret Life of Pets’ trailer

Guys, if you”ve been eagerly awaiting “The Secret Life of Pets,” we have a delightful doggie treat for you today: A new “Secret Life of Pets” trailer.

Previous teasers and trailers gave us a look at a collection of adorable and silly pets as their owners leave for the day. And now this newest trailer gives us a peek at these pets beyond their morning routine and beyond the safety of their homes.

This newest trailer establishes Louis C.K.-voiced dog Max as the main character, and shows us more of Kevin Hart”s bunny Snowball.

Also, we”ve learned that butterflies:”Secret Life of Pets” dogs::squirrel:Doug of “Up.”

Watch the trailer below:

“The Secret Life of Pets,” directed by Chris Renaud and Yarrow Cheney (“Despicable Me”), opens on July 8, 2016.