New trailer for ‘The Good Dinosaur’ gives us 100 percent more T-Rex

If the first trailer for “The Good Dinosaur” left you wanting to spend more time in the gorgeous photo-real home of a bunch of adorable cartoon-esque dinosaurs, you”re in luck today. Disney has released a new trailer for the upcoming Pixar movie.

In the first U.S. trailer and teaser for the film, there wasn”t much dialogue. You can hear much more talking dinos in this new trailer, including Sam Elliott as Butch, the T-Rex who would probably have a few stories to share with Gill of “Finding Nemo.” Just look at that scar of his.

The movie is a boy and his dog story, but the twist here is that the boy is a dinosaur, and the dog is a human boy. This trailer also gives us a peek at the moment Arlo the dino gives his new companion a name.

Check it out below:

Folks, stay tuned for more “Good Dinosaur” coverage from HitFix. The film opens on November 25, Thanksgiving weekend.