Is ‘The Witch’ a victim of overhype?

HitFix has a new weekly horror series, have you heard? It's called Nightmare Fuel, this is my second episode, and — glory be to Black Phillip and all that is unholy — my hair is exponentially better than it was on last week's show. 

On this week's episode I welcome Brad Miska — co-founder and editor-in-chief of the web's No. 1 horror destination Bloody Disgusting as well as the producer of the popular V/H/S movie franchise — to discuss The Witch backlash (was it overhyped?), the weird new Hellraiser sequel that Doug “Pinhead” Bradley couldn't have been less supportive of on Facebook (will fans ever accept another actor as the famed Cenobite?) and Brad's latest producorial effort, the impressive new horror anthology movie Southbound that's available on VOD and in limited theaters now.

Watch the video above and below.

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