Noah Hawley Is Set To Tackle Another Marvel Property And Bring ‘Doctor Doom’ Back To The Big Screen

Getty Image / Marvel

Noah Hawley’s future with Fargo might be up in the air, but he seems to be buying in on Fox’s offerings on Marvel’s iconic heroes (and villains). After closing out the Comic-Con 2017 panel for Legion and announcing that the series would be expanding to ten episodes in season two, Hawley dropped more news about another Marvel project he would be working on:

In fact that’s all he said, just the words “Doctor Doom.” Does this mean he’s doing a solo Doctor Doom film or does it mean he will be the latest to take on an adaptation of the Fantastic Four? The former sounds more pleasing than the latter at this point, especially with Josh Trank’s failed attempt to revive the superteam with a more modern take in 2015. Many had hoped that Marvel would be revealing a possible return of the team to the House of Ideas at D23, similar to what Spider-Man received, but that did not happen and we got the Black Order instead. Now we learn that Fox is apparently moving forward with a FF-related project from Noah Hawley, effective killing all of those rumors completely while creating new ones for everybody to pick through.

The main question about the project, aside from what it will actually be about, is what version of Doctor Doom will we get? Will it be the evil tyrant who rules over Latveria or will we get that more recent superheroic take on the character in the Iron Man armor? Obviously it wouldn’t be THE Iron Man armor, but treating Doom as a hero isn’t a foreign concept. There was Doom 2099 where the iconic Marvel villain was seemingly thrust through time and given his own comic series in the 2099 universe and the character has been featured as skirting towards anti-hero from time to time.

Toby Kebbell was the last to play Doctor Doom on the big screen in Trank’s Fantastic Four, but most fans would likely rather forget him and his Akira impression. Who knows who could wear the mask this time around? We’ll go ahead and say Mads Mikkelsen, Tom Hiddleston, Idris Elba just to get those folks out of the way. Idris Elba could and should play everybody, just for the reactions.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)