‘Only God Forgives’ director Nicolas Refn-Winding’s next projects: An ad and a horror

AUSTIN – Composer Cliff Martinez and director Nicolas Winding Refn have one of the hottest non-romantic relationships in Hollywood, yielding spectacular results from their two recent feature collaborations, on “Drive” and “Only God Forgives.” Their next endeavors together may make the bond even stronger.

Speaking to HitFix during press time for “Only God Forgives” — out later this week — Refn and Martinez revealed that they’ve worked on a Grey Goose commercial together. And Refn has a horror film among his “irons in the fire.”

“Monogamy has its advantages. There’s a creative telepathy. There are things he doesn’t have to tell me, and I know his likes and dislikes, and as you work with someone repeatedly as we have, you’re ale to go a little deeper each time,” Martinez said. “And now we’re doing a vodka commercial together.”

“Oh, yeah, I sold out,” Refn said after some chiding.”I discovered I could go on making the films I want to make and make a good living by making commercials,” having completed some fashion spots for houses like Gucci.

“I don’t do things for money unless it’s a lot of money,” Martinez said as he smiled.

“But you like vodka,” Refn said.

“I do like vodka. There’s a concentration of short form of commercials…”

“They’re home movies, small movies.”

“He shoots a mean commercial,” Martinez said, pointing to cohort. “This vodka commercial is every bit as stunning as film. I like that everything you have to say is in 30-60 seconds. It tells a big story in small amount of time.”

The two didn’t say when to expect the Grey Goose spot, but Refn went on to discuss what else he has planned after promoting “Only God Forgives.” He briefly mentioned his “Barbarella” remake, but seemed even more eager to discuss a visual he’s had in mind, for female-centric horror film.

“I like women a lot. I like to shoot women a lot…” A moment’s pause. “Visually.”

“I would like to do a horror movie. Men are less, women are more. I like women and I’d like to do something with sex, but not having it — sex. Women all tied up in high heels. And that excites me, I think.”

I asked the pair what exactly the horror premise would be. Refn shrugged in slow motion. I asked, at least, what color would the heels be. Another long pause.

“Nine inches.” Martinez said. Refn laughed and nodded.

“I just thought it could be fun to do a horror movie and with just do women in it. I think I’ve done a lot with violent men. I loved working with [Kristin Scott Thomas]. I loved Carey [Mulligan] in ‘Drive.'”

Is it about violent women?

“The whole idea of ‘Only God Forgives’ is to make a movie that takes place inside the womb of a woman. That’s the mystery of life. And i wanted to make a movie of what it would be like living there [in the womb] and trying to survive,” Refn said. “I’m still in the womb, and I would like to be born out of it and into the world of only women.”

Martinez interjects with a little creative telepathy. “Maybe it can be a sequel. ‘Only Drive Forgives.'”

“Only God Forgives” is out on Friday.