Outrage Watch: Is ‘Cinderella’s’ waist too small?

Welcome to the March 4, 2015 edition of Outrage Watch, HitFix's (almost) daily rundown of all the things folks are peeved about in entertainment. Today's top story: “Cinderella's” teeny, tiny waist has become a battleground.

After some observers questioned whether actress Lily James' barely-there midsection in the Disney film's trailer was the result of post-production trickery, the actress defended against those claims at the film's red carpet premiere, telling the LA Times that not only does she have a “naturally” small waist, but that the look was the result of a corset designed by “Cinderella” costume designer Sandy Powell.

Of the doubters, she added: “I think it”s all very hypocritical, and they contradict themselves, and they”re drawing more attention to it. I think all that stuff”s so negative, and you”ve got to let it wash over your head. …I”m so healthy. I”ve got hips and boobs and a bum and a small waist.”

Bustle contributor Jessica Willingham, for one, isn't having it. While admitting that she can see James' point — “I have no problem with a naturally thin Cinderella” — she does have a problem with the use of a corset.

“Disney dropped the 'I-need-a-man' storyline in Frozen and watched the money pile up. 'Frozen' is the highest-grossing animated film of all time, according to Variety. So why would Disney choose to take a step back by dressing James in this unreal corset?” writes Willingham. “It”s completely unnecessary in order to connect with their audience. What were they thinking? More importantly, what is wrong with James” already naturally thin shape?!”


Want more? There's plenty of indignation to go around. See below for a full roundup of today's kerfuffles.

Outraged: Nancy Grace
Target: 2 Chainz
Why: I can never tell if Nancy Grace's outrage is real or not, but who cares I guess? Here she is commenting on the $800 weed (a.k.a. 'Loud') smoked by her arch-nemesis 2 Chainz on the latest episode of his GQ web series “Most Expensivest Shit,” where he also introduced us to the idea of 24-karat gold rolling papers:

“$800 for an ounce of Loud? Really? That alone should be a felony – the 24-carat gold paper is definitely an aggravating circumstance!,” Grace told Rolling Stone. “The caviar of joints?  For someone as smart and educated as 2 Chainz, this video is even more ironic. 2 Chainz won't allow his children to have caffeine: not even a soda. (P.S., I don't either.) Wait until his children spot this video on the Internet. Explain that, Daddy!”

On a related note, have you seen Kathy Griffin's killer impression of our favorite HLN alarmist? It's pretty grand.

[Rolling Stone]

Outraged: Lisa Rinna
Target: Kim Richards
Why: “Things escalated quickly, insults and accusations were hurled, and the night ended with tears and shattered glass.” Ready to feel bad about yourself? Watch the clip here.