Outrage Watch: Lars Ulrich may be the most hated man in music today

Welcome to the March 24, 2015 edition of Outrage Watch, HitFix's (almost) daily rundown of all the things folks are peeved about in entertainment. Today's top story: Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich is taking heat over…the group's 1988 album “…And Justice for All”?

Anyone familiar with the history of the legendary metal band's fourth LP will know that the album received quite a bit of criticism for its nearly inaudible bass. According to a new interview with Steve Thompson, the man who mixed the record, the idea to turn the instrument down in the mix was actually Ulrich's.

“He goes, 'See the bass guitar?'” Thompson related to Ultimate Guitar magazine. “And I said, 'Yeah, great part, man. [Bassist Jason Newsted] killed it.' He said, 'I want you to bring down the bass where you can barely, audibly hear it in the mix.' I said, 'You're kidding. Right?'…He said, 'No. Bring it down.' I bring it down to that level and he says, 'Now drop it down another 5 db.' I turned around and looked at Hetfield and said, 'He's serious?' It just blew me away.”

Worst of all? Ulrich allegedly blamed the sound on Thompson at the group's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction.

“He goes, 'Hey, what happened to the bass in '… Justice'?' He actually asked me that,” Thompson continued. “I wanted to cold cock him right there. It was a shame because I'm the one getting the shit for the lack of bass.”

Unsurprisingly, the comments on social media have been less than kind.






Well, at least he has one fan.


Want more? There's plenty of indignation to go around. See below for a full roundup of today's kerfuffles.

Outraged: North Korea
Target: South Korean activists who plan to launch balloons containing over 10,000 DVDs of “The Interview” across the border
Why: “All the firepower strike means of the frontline units of the (Korean People's Army) will launch without prior warning… to blow up balloons,” reads a warning notice sent out by North Korea's frontline military units. It goes on to state that the launch would be considered “the gravest politically-motivated provocation” and “a de facto declaration of a war.” If the balloons are launched, the North also recommended that South Koreans living near the border evacuate their homes…you know, so as not to die.

This freaking movie.


Outraged: Lil Wayne, Lil Wayne's bodyguards
Target: An allegedly obnoxious fan
Why: Weezy's bodyguards were caught punching a man in the audience at the rapper's Fort Lauderdale, FL concert Sunday, after the bearded concertgoer reportedly either a) threw a beer at Wayne for showing up the concert three hours late or b) held up a scrolling message on his cellphone with the text “Fuck Weezy.” Or both!

Hot Tip: don't throw drinks onstage when at concerts, in general.

[Broward-Palm Beach New Times via TMZ]

Outraged: Bill Cosby accusers Tamara Green, Therese Serignese and Linda Traitz
Target: Bill Cosby
Why: Three of Bill Cosby's 34 accusers have sued the comedian for defamation. In a new filing, the trio state: “Defendant Cosby claims that, under a so-called ‘self-defense privilege,” he enjoys a license to lie about anyone who truthfully accuses him of misconduct. …The law does not permit a defendant to attack an accuser in ‘self-defense,” when the defendant know that the accuser is telling the truth.” It goes on to contend that Cosby “refuses to take ownership of the statements and shirks any responsibility for the harm they caused.”

Did you hear his comedy tour is going to be hilarious?

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