Outrage Watch: Sylvester Stallone’s brother slams Academy in Twitter tantrum – ‘Hollywood bulls***’

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Frank Stallone isn't taking his older bro's so-called Oscars “snub” lying down. 

In a tweet posted earlier today, the younger Stallone ripped the Academy for choosing Bridge of Spies star Mark Rylance — whose win for Best Supporting Actor counted as one of the biggest surprises of the night — over the Creed star, who was widely expected to take home the gold.


While we all try and figure out just how, exactly, one of the biggest movie stars of all time losing an Oscar counts as “total Hollywood bullshit,” Stallone's onetime rival and Expendables co-star Arnold Schwarzenegger also weighed in on his friend's loss, saying in a video posted to his official Facebook page: “Sly just remember, no matter what they say, to me, you are the best. You were the winner.”

Whatever they need to tell themselves.