Watch: Owen Benjamin makes jokes about racism

Okay, so this is how we prove that RIOT is super edgy and not afraid to, like, go there, man. I mean, check us out, we’re posting a video that another company made, expressing opinions an unaffiliated individual presented in a totally joking manner, that have somewhat racial connotations. He even says the word “black”!

Comedian, actor and noted tall person Owen Benjamin is said unaffiliated individual. In this video for Comedy Central, he turns a stranger’s office into his own personal comedy club and tells some jokes — and we at RIOT reap the rewards of seeming super subversive and very ultra cool, and yes, you CAN have have one of my cigarettes and a borrow my motorcycle!

Bottom line? Owen Benjamin doesn’t trust the Mumford and Sons because grown men shouldn’t have canteens, and for that, I trust Owen Benjamin.