Pitbull is in a music video with ‘Penguins of Madagascar,’ just as God intended

Question: What's the song that all your little cousins will be dancing to at every family gathering for the next six months?

Answer: “Celebrate (From 'The Penguins of Madagascar')” by Pitbull, which will be featured in — you guessed it — Dreamworks Animation's “The Penguins of Madagascar.”

The erratic arm gyrations and spazzy leg maneuvers from the youngest members of your clan will come thanks, in part, to Rare Earth's 1971 funk rock hit “I Just Want to Celebrate,” from which Pitbull borrows liberally.

The Latino star — who will host and perform at the American Music Awards in November — shows these flightless birds some swagger in the music video below.

“Celebrate” will actually be on Pitbull's album “Globalization,” due Nov. 24. “Penguins” will be in theaters on Nov. 26.