‘Powers’ TV series set for PlayStation Network launch in December

(CBR) “Powers” concept art shown during Brian Michael Bendis' E3 presentation.

E3 brings massive video game news every year, but with companies expanding gaming platforms to other media, other big announcements have become a part of the deal — case in point, Brian Michael Bendis took the stage for the Sony PlayStation keynote to reveal that “Powers” has been fully green lit by Sony Television with the first episode available in December. While everyone can get in on the “Powers” first episode for free, only PlayStation Plus users will get the entire first season free of charge. 

“Every case is going to show us something new about our characters, it's going to show us something about what we've developed in the comic, which is a pretty sprawling mythology about superheroes,” said Bendis. “It's also going to show us what a world with superheroes would really be like, how we would really treat them; how they would immerse our culture, how they would affect our fashion. We're just immensely proud of it.”

Bendis, who also serves as executive producer on the series, also mentioned behind-the-scenes team showrunner Charlie Huston, executive producer Remi Aubuchon (“Caprica”), executive producer David Alpert. He further noted that there would be announcements throughout the summer, and that casting was currently underway.

He also shared a piece of concept art for the series, which showed a conceptual depiction of Christian Walker's apartment.

“Powers” — based on Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming's long-running comic book series of the same name — has long been in development, with a pilot produced for FX in 2011. At the time, the pilot starred Jason Patric as Christian Walker and Lucy Punch as Deena Pilgrim, and while it was not picked up, the show remained in development. In March, it was revealed that “Powers” had found new life as Sony's first original series for PlayStation Network as it continued to expand its original content for the PlayStation platform. Check out Bendis' presentation below.