Presenting the final 2013-14 TV season rankings

Presenting the final 2013-14 TV season rankings
“Sunday Night Football,” “The Big Bang Theory” and “NCIS” ranked 1, 2 and 3. Which ranked the worst?

Charlie Sheen: I hope “Two and a Half Men” invites me back for the final episode
Sheen also says the CBS sitcom “went a year too far.”

A “Lost” reunion: Mark Pellegrino to star in A&E”s “Returned” from Carlton Cuse
Pellegrino will play a father who comes back from the dead in the remake of the French zombie series.

“American Idol”s” steep decline is “sad”
About 10.1 million watched last night, less than half of the 21.5 million who watched the finale two years ago — and a stunning drop from the 29.3 million viewers for the 2011 finale. PLUS: “Idol” gets the Bad Lip Reading treatment, and Caleb Johnson will release a “really kick-butt record” on Aug. 12.

“The Americans” has perhaps the most realistic portrayal of Russians
The FX series was intent on avoiding Russian stereotypes and mistakes of other TV shows and movies. Native Russian speakers were hired for key roles. And native-speaking translators translated the Russian scenes, which were initially written in English. Says creator Joe Weisberg: “Once you bring that level into detail into a show, you can't do cardboard cutouts anymore. You're not in the realm of cliché. You will invariably build a real person.” PLUS: The secret star of “The Americans” is its filmmaking,” Matthew Rhys on the season finale, explaining that “69” scene, and it”s a compliment to call “The Americans” the saddest show on TV.

“Gilligan”s Island” movie will reference “Lost”
Josh Gad, who”s currently writing the big-screen adaptation, tells MTV News: “”You would be remiss not to at least touch upon that in the movie. And I”ll leave it at that.”

How AMC “brainstormed” its next hit show
Funny or Die takes us inside AMC”s thinking process.

“SVU” went too far this season with Olivia Benson
Mariska Hargitay shouldn”t have been repeatedly victimized.

What will Syfy do to cover up the nudity on “Spartacus”?
A big part of the Starz series” appeal was its excessive nudity and graphic sex.

“Modern Family”s” Mitch & Cam”s had TV”s most important gay wedding
Unlike the gay weddings on “Friends,” “Grey”s Anatomy” and “Brothers and Sisters,” this one involved two leading characters.

“Last Comic Standing” is back – it”s TV”s best diversity showcase
Previous winners have been of nearly every race. PLUS: How JB Smoove got involved.

How “The Bachelorette” reinforces female submissiveness and male dominance
“A woman has all the power” this season, Chris Harrison declared this season. But that simply isn”t true, argues Jennifer Pozner. PLUS: Andi Dorfman”s cousin pens a NY Times column calling her a “new breed of bachelorette.”

Here are your Memorial Day Weekend marathons
“BBQ Pitmasters” and “CSI: Miami” are among the shows having all-day marathons on Monday.

Nickelodeon orders Ryan Seacrest”s “Webheads” viral video game show
“Big Time Rush” star Carlos PenaVega will host the show combining slime, physical challenges and viral videos.

Watch Seth Rogen in a red dress on Adult Swim
He”s a guest-star on tonight”s episode of “Loiter Squad.”

“Game of Thrones” inspires a “Perfect Strangers” spinoff
Check out “Bri & Pod.”

“Survivor” winner Tony says the $1 million prize isn't life-changing
Tony Vlachos also says of the jury hating on him: “I believe the jury was hurt by me betraying them. They weren't necessarily bitter, but they were hurt. But I think them having to vent and get everything off their chest was very helpful in the sense that they got it off, could put it aside and make a rational decision was far as who played the best game.” PLUS: More from Tony, how does Woo feel coming in 2nd?, and where would Jeff Probst rank Tony?

How Jimmy Kimmel”s mean tweeters responded to “Celebrities Read Mean Tweets”
Most were happy to be mentioned and not ashamed at all.

2 Off-Broadway plays hurt by “Boardwalk Empire”
One had to cancel its opening night because its star landed a part on the HBO series, another hadn to cancel a preview and movie its premiere.

Disney XD renews “Mighty Med”
The superhero comedy series will return for a 2nd season in the fall.

10 problematic TV characters who will get a 2nd chance next season
From Deputies Tim and Rachel to Paige Jennings.

Here are fall”s toughest timeslots
At 9 pm on Thursdays, “Scandal” will battle “Gracepoint” on Fox and “The Blacklist.”

Do video games make good TV shows?
Only a few video games have been adapted for televisioln, including Donkey Kong and The Legend of Zelda.

Revived by Amazon, “Ripper Street” begins filming its 3rd season
“It's a day many of us thought we'd never see,” Richard Warlow, the show”s creator says of the once-canceled former BBC series.

Why “Mad Men”s” final season was split into 2 parts
One reason: By ending in 2015, “Mad Men” won”t have to compete against “Breaking Bad” and the Matthew McConaughey-Woody Harrelson version of “True Detective” at next year”s Emmys.

Did “Parks and Rec” inspire an ad promoting the city of Ames, Iowa
Watch a video that is absolutely Pawnee-esque.

Jason Biggs doesn”t regret cracking jokes about the dead “Bachelorette” contestant
The “Orange is the New Black” star says it”s fun to read the outrage over his tweets the next day.

In defense of food TV”s celebration of celebrity “cheftestants”
“Top Chef Seattle” runner-up Brooke Williamson says “the rise of shows like 'Iron Chef,” 'No Reservations' and 'Bizarre Foods' has made food culture more approachable, which I think is good thing.”

Katharine McPhee files for divorce from the husband she was caught cheating on
The “Idol” alum, 30, is ending her six-year marriage to 49-year-old Nick Cokas.

“True Blood” star Marshall Allman welcomes a daughter
Allman”s wife gave birth on Wednesday.

CW”s 2-year-old “Labyrinth” doesn”t have enough story for its 4-hour allotted time
The “event” starring “Downton Abbey”s” Jessica Brown Findlay kicks off tonight.

Fox”s “Gang Related” is a “pile of cliches”
Judging from the “instantly awful” series, says Tim Goodman, “it's pretty clear right away that you're dealing with a pile of cliches that can never be anything more than dreadful. Every minute that you keep watching, part of your soul festers and peels away. Somewhere inside you, a pained voice screams out in anguish at whoever could have greenlighted such a blatant display of yuck.” PLUS: “Gang Related” is surprisingly good for a summer series, it”s trying to be “The Shield” filtered through the “NCIS” network, and it”s pulp hooey with a comic book vitality.

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