Preview: Nova #10

This November, celebrate the milestone 100th Issue Anniversary of the Human Rocket with the supersonically supersized Nova #10! High adventure in deep space from the team of Zeb Wells & Carlo Barberi. But that”s not all! Nova #10 also features the debut of new regular Nova writer Gerry Duggan (Deadpool) in a story drawn by superstar Nova artist Paco Medina!!

Since acquiring the Nova Force it”s been a bumpy ride for fifteen year-old Sam Alexander! Fighting alongside Rocket Raccoon & Gamora, a not-so-nice encounter with the Superior Spider-Man – not to mention a run in with Thanos and his Black Order! But that”s all about to change! Big changes are coming for Nova, and it starts here! (Oh, and did we mention a guest appearance by the new New Warriors setting up their All-New Marvel Now! series in February?)

“It took us a few decades to get to #100 and Zeb”s wrap up along with Gerry”s explosive debut story is a perfect way to celebrate this well-earned anniversary,” says Senior Editor Stephen Wacker. “With the Nova Corps showing up in next summer”s Guardians of the Galaxy movie, Marvel”s coolest new hero is going to have a huge spotlight and this is the place where Nova blasts off big time!” Don”t miss the start of a bombastic new beginning for Marvel”s sentinel of the stars when Nova #10 rockets into print and digital this November!