Real Life Spider-Man Climbs Sheer Rock Wall Without Gear

Parkour has been around for a while now, long enough to bleed into mainstream action movies. Which normally signals the death knell for any sub-genre or hobby so let's milk this cow while the iron is hot, to mix metaphors. But while most of us have to content ourselves to vicariously experience gravity defying acrobatics through action films and video games, this guy is living the dream.

One sheer vertical rock face plus one man with killer hair and preternatural agility and upper body strength equals some seriously impressive wall climbing. Things get downright superhero-y around the :25 second mark. While most of us struggle with pull-ups and contemplate the probability of ever actually needing to pull ourselves up after tumbling over a cliff face, this guy is spitting in the face of physics…and physics is just taking it.

Via Gizmodo

But if you're worried this dude will one day be smited by the vengeful personification of the Laws of Nature, fear not. Looks like he's been perfecting this act for at least seven years with no repercussions. In this video he might not have added in the fake-out jump attempts yet but the videographer managed to capture the climber's equally impressive descent from the top of the wall.