Report: ‘Entourage’ movie is almost a done deal

10.25.13 6 years ago

Report: “Entourage” movie is almost a done deal
According to TMZ, Warner Bros. has resolved the pay dispute by promising  back-end pay. So a deal could be finished as early as today.

NBC hasn’t officially announced “Celebrity Apprentice’s” return, but it’s “on track” to be made

The Peacock’s reality boss sent out this cryptic statement about “Celebrity Apprentice’s” future: “We are on track to produce The Celebrity Apprentice as always planned, coordinating among New York City weather conditions, sponsor needs, and celebrities” schedules.”

It’s official: “Dads” gets picked up for a full season
The sitcom critics absolutely hated will run at least through May.

Lifetime renews “Drop Dead Diva”

A 13-episode 6th season has been ordered for next year.

“Catfish” gets a 3rd season

MTV has renewed the reality hit.

Rose McGowan’s reaction to “Charmed” reboot: “lame lame lame lamertons”
“They really are running out of ideas in Hollywood,” the former “Charmed” star tweeted. Meanwhile, Alyssa Milano had no reaction.

L.A.’s mayor signs TV pilot fees waiver
Mayor Eric Garcetti, who was joined by “Sons of Anarchy’s” Ron Perlman, in making today’s announcement.

Craig Robinson to guest on “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”
“The Office” alum will play a small-time criminal who helps out Andy Samberg.

ABC: High-profile “Scandal” blogger is an ex-roommate of one of our employees
The network conducted an “exhaustive” investigation to determine that a sales director wasn’t responsible for blogging as “Scandal411.”

Carrie Fisher will appear in Bravo’s “Girlfriends Guide to Divorce” pilot
She’ll make a cameo as Lisa Edelstein’s book editor.

Why “Scandal’s” love affair is tantamount to emotional abuse
Here are all the ways Olivia Pope’s relationship with President Fitz is dangerous. PLUS: Watch “Scandal” cartoon summaries, Scott Foley talks Olivia and Jake, Katie Lowes likes to drop F-bombs, Tony Goldwyn is a binge-watcher, and Bellamy Young talks playing First Lady Mellie Grant.

“Once Up on a Time in Wonderland” casts “Force of Nature”
Aussie Peta Sargent will recur on the ABC spinoff.

Piers Morgan and Sarah Palin are feuding on Twitter
Palin isn’t interested in Morgan’s invitation to appear on “your shambolic show.”

How “The Good Wife” became better than ever

The network model allowed writers the room to experiment, which resulted in the civil war story. PLUS: “Good Wife” boss talks “Hitting the Fan,” and TV doesn’t get better than Sunday’s episode.

USA’s “Modern Family” reruns getting writer commentary
Fans who sync the show with their computers will be able to get several extra features.

“SVU” vs. “Scandal”

Which show had the better Anthony Weiner storyline?

Why “Masterchef Junior” is TV’s best reality competition show
As Willa Paskin notes, “Like the Scripps National Spelling Bee, ‘MasterChef Junior’ is a celebration of talent, precocity, merit, obsession, and, above all, losing.”

Jon Cryer’s ex-wife is demanding $88,000 a month for child support

The “Two and a Half Men” star’s ex wants the child support payment for their 13-year-old son raised from $8,000 a month so he can compete with his peers.

A&E’s “The Governor’s Wife” essentially recycles dirt
The reality show, premiering Sunday, follows Louisiana’s ex-con ex-governor, age 84, and his 30-something wife.

Fred Armisen on “SNL”: “It’s great not to be there”

Now working on “Portlandia” in Oregon, Armisen says, it’s “been nice watching ‘SNL,’ and watching it grow, and become something else. That’s how much I love that show. I still feel a responsibility towards it. It’s great to not be there. And it’s great to watch it, and it’s great to be here. So, as hippie as it sounds, I’m like in perfect happiness.”

Examining Bisexuality on TV
Shows like “Revenge” and “The Good Wife” have been creating quality portrayals of bisexuals.

“Gold Rush” is back

Season 4 begins tonight in Guyana.

For sale: “Golden Girls” Legos

An Etsy user has created Lego versions of Rose, Blanche, Dorothy and Sophia.

“The Amazing Race”: Which teams were the most amazing?
Here’s a countdown of the Top 25.

“Eastbound & Down” is having a brilliant final season

Season 4 has brought everything back home again.

NBC’s “Dracula” is bloody fun
The limited series beginning tonight makes good use of Jonathan Rhys Meyers’ acting ability. PLUS: It’s a rather drab show, Rhys Meyers’ off-putting, snaky, dirty, louche vibe works in this setting, and how producers made this dracula more mainstream.

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