Rey Is In Jedi Fighting Form In The Short Teaser For The Latest ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ Trailer

If you were curious when we were going to finally get a fresh trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi, you don’t have to wait any longer. The new trailer will drop on Monday, confirming the hint that Mark Hamill let out of the bag a few weeks ago. To confirm the arrival of the new trailer, Disney and Lucasfilm released the short tease above that shows Rey getting into fighting mode and proving that’s she really taken to her Jedi training with Luke. Apart from that, there isn’t too much teased — and you don’t really need it. The film is almost here and knowing tomorrow will bring a better look at the next Star Wars film is enough for some fans.

As for where they can watch it first, that’ll be the weird part according to Entertainment Weekly:

The new trailer for The Last Jedi will drop during halftime of this week’s Monday Night Football on ESPN, maintaining a tradition of revealing new footage established by The Force Awakens in October 2015. In addition to the new trailer, tickets for The Last Jedi will go on sale everywhere following the trailer’s launch.

This should be nothing like having to wait through the Rio Olympics, but it does mean that a bunch of sci-fi fans will have to wade through their televisions for ESPN and discover that the Bears are attempting to play football.

The added bonus of the new trailer dropping is that tickets will also go on sale for the film, meaning fans can start lining up like mad to see what happens to Rey, Finn, Poe, and whatever other new characters come out of the woodwork. Nobody ever asks about the lowly maintenance workers in a galaxy far, far away.

(Via Star Wars / Entertainment Weekly)