‘Rick And Morty’ Prove They Should Just Promote Every Movie In This Crossover With ‘Alien: Covenant’

Gassy galactic adventurer Rick Sanchez is made of strong stuff. Drunk and drugged-up stuff too. That’s what makes him a threat to the freaky as f*ck facehuggers from the Alien franchise.

The two worlds collide for promotional reasons in the neato Adult Swim video tucked above. The 45-second spot is pretty straightforward. To promote Alien: Covenant arriving in a multiplex near you, Rick and Morty find themselves aboard an alien craft riddled with danger and a rather proactive facehugger. As is his nature, Morty doesn’t exactly take charge when Rick’s in life-threatening peril, but what makes Rick who he is more than does the trick to keep this drunk genius alive for another day.

“Holy crap! I think it’s dead!” exclaims Morty when the creature is pulled from Rick’s face.

“My God, Morty. It died of toxicity due to all the drugs and alcohol swirling about in my system,” explained Rick after a bunch of green yuck drips off his face.

It’s simultaneously a weird and appropriate mix, so we’d like to humbly request every motion picture weasel Rick and Morty into their marketing plans.
Alien: Covenant comes to hug your face in between Milk Dud stuffings on May 19.