Not An April Fool’s Joke: A New ‘Rick and Morty’ Episode Is Streaming Right Now!

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04.01.17 8 Comments

We haven’t been able to enjoy new Rick and Morty since October 2015. So much has changed since then. Trump is president, series creator Dan Harmon bought a gun, and now the mayor of Harmontown is working out on an elliptical machine. Maybe that’s why we have new Rick and Morty hijinx finally — Dan Harmon’s fatalism.

Or maybe this is all just a weird anti-April Fool’s joke that is confusing everybody. Yes, this is real. It’s all streaming on right here, right now.

Here’s further proof we’re getting the first episode (???) of season 3 on a loop as the best April Fool’s prank ever:


Naturally, the internet is freaking the hell out from this genius reverse April Fool’s joke (we’ve now hit the point in which releasing something real on 4/1 is more confusing than anything):

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