Not An April Fool’s Joke: A New ‘Rick and Morty’ Episode Is Streaming Right Now!

We haven’t been able to enjoy new Rick and Morty since October 2015. So much has changed since then. Trump is president, series creator Dan Harmon bought a gun, and now the mayor of Harmontown is working out on an elliptical machine. Maybe that’s why we have new Rick and Morty hijinx finally — Dan Harmon’s fatalism.

Or maybe this is all just a weird anti-April Fool’s joke that is confusing everybody. Yes, this is real. It’s all streaming on right here, right now.

Here’s further proof we’re getting the first episode (???) of season 3 on a loop as the best April Fool’s prank ever:


Naturally, the internet is freaking the hell out from this genius reverse April Fool’s joke (we’ve now hit the point in which releasing something real on 4/1 is more confusing than anything):

Imagine being these people right now:

So, the reverse April Fool’s prank by Harmon and co. have officially flipped the script for what to expect on this hellish holiday. Dropping a new episode of Rick and Morty is screwing with the heads of just about everyone, and now we don’t know if the end of episode claim of “season 3 coming this summer” is real or not. What if that’s an April Fool’s joke within an anti-April Fool’s joke to combat all the on the nose April Fool’s joke that no one fell for? And what’s with “nine more seasons?”