‘Star Wars’ Fans Can Snap Up Advance ‘Rogue One’ Tickets Beginning On Monday

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Disney isn’t waiting for the masses to get over their turkey hangovers, as the media conglomerate announced that tickets for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story will go on sale November 28. Nerds everywhere will be able to secure their spot for the latest installment three weeks before the film will be released.

Expectations are high for the film, although it will reportedly buck trends from the original Star Wars installments. Don’t believe that? Well, the filmmakers are throwing fans through a loop by not including an opening crawl. Ruining childhoods aside, Rogue One follows its most immediate predecessor, The Force Awakens, which exceeded expectations with $100 million in advance ticket sales (and also made more than $247 million its opening weekend and blew past the $2 billion mark worldwide). However, Forbes projects Rogue One to land somewhere in the $130 million range for its debut weekend, so it will still be big, just not record-setting huge.

Many bothan spies would give their lives to make something even close to that box office total, but this is Star Wars, so insane ticket sales are to be expected. The film will see inevitable holiday competition, but it may become the holiday season winner.

(Via MovieWeb, Forbes & Box Office Mojo)

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