Roundup: Could ‘Dallas Buyers Club’ win the makeup Oscar on just $250?

“Dallas Buyers Club” is looks likely to win the Best Makeup and Hairstyling Oscar, not least because AMPAS members might feel happier checking that off than “Bad Grandpa” or “The Lone Ranger.” If it does, though, it’ll surely be the humblest achievement ever to take the award, as Katey Rich learns that makeup artist Robin Mathews’ entire budget for the film was just $250: “‘The Academy just gasped when they heard that,’ Mathews says, with no lack of pride in her voice … ‘We had to take them back and forth from their sickest look to their healthiest look, up to five times in one day … They maintained that 40-pound weight loss throughout. So when you see them in the film, and they look like they”re 25 pounds heavier and healthier because of the medication, that”s just makeup.'” [Vanity Fair]

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