Ruth Negga of ‘Agents of SHIELD’ just scored the female lead in AMC’s ‘Preacher’

I guess all it takes is a little Raina to make a Tulip…

..and I”ll see myself out.

Via Tumblr

Ruth Negga has been announced as the lead actress on the upcoming “Preacher” series on AMC, according to Deadline. Negga will take on the role of talented marksman Tulip O”Hare. This makes her the first major character to be locked in, as actors for neither Preacher Jesse Custer or Proinsias Cassidy have been announced.

A little more on Tulip”s character, from Deadline:

Tulip is described as a volatile, action-packed, sexified force of nature, a capable, unrepentant criminal with a love of fashion and ability to construct helicopter-downing bazookas out of coffee cans and corn shine who”s not afraid to steal, kill or corn cob-stab her way out of a bad situation.

In the “Preacher” graphic novels by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon, a disillusioned small-town Texas minister named Jesse Custer is accidentally possessed by a divine being with the power to compel anyone to obey their spoken orders. In the bloody aftermath of the possession, Custer sets off on a cross-country journey with his ex-girlfriend Tulip and his alcoholic vampire buddy Cassidy to find God (yes literally) and get some answers.

How much of that will make the jump to television remains to be seen, but AMC hasn”t flinched at the nature of “The Walking Dead” so what”s a little blasphemy among friends?

The real question here is, what does this mean for Negga”s “Agents of SHIELD” character Raina?