SAG Award nominations honor ‘Breaking Bad’ and ’30 Rock,’ snub ‘drama’ ‘Orange is the New Black’

SAG Award nominations honor “Breaking Bad” and “30 Rock,” snub “drama” “Orange is the New Black”

“Breaking Bad” scored four nominations, the most of any TV series. But the SAG Awards snubbed “The Good Wife,” “House of Cards,” “Parks and Recreation,” “Mad Men” and “Orange is the New Black,” which entered itself as a drama. PLUS: Edie Falco and Alec Baldwin set a SAG Awards nomination record.

Guy Pearce to play Sean Hayes’ love interest

The “Memento” star is set to guest on “Sean Saves the World.”

Gail O’Grady is coming to “Revenge”
The “NYPD Blue” vet will play the first Mrs. Grayson.

Jimmy Smits reacts to the “Sons of Anarchy” season finale

“It’s no accident that both of these characters have little cuts on their heart,” he says.

“Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” hits another low
The fall finale attracted 5.9 million viewers.

Lizzy Caplan: I had to get wasted to perform “True Blood” sex scenes
She tells Chelsea Handler: “On ‘True Blood’-I’ve never told anybody this-but I was so nervous and I was so drunk that after I shot the scene I was going up to the crew members-and I had just met all these people the day before-and I was going up to all of them like, ‘You got a boner! You do! You’ve got one!’ It was horrible. Horrible!”

Preview Amy Poehler & Tina Fey’s Entertainment Weekly issue
The comedy duo are this week’s guest editors.

“Doctor Who” teases its Christmas special
Watch a preview of Matt Smith’s final go as the Doctor.

Kevin Dillon’s broken hand won’t keep him from filming the “Entourage” movie
Dillon wouldn’t say how he broke his hand.

New Netflix cartoon will be voiced by Aaron Paul, Will Arnett and Amy Sedaris

They’ll star in “BoJack Horseman,” about a humanoid horse played by Arnett.

Watch a preview of Mark and Donnie Wahlberg’s “Wahlburgers”
See the brothers as reality stars.

“Ripper Street” could return for a 3rd season

Video-on-demand company LoveFilm is considering reviving the canceled BBC series.

Maria Menounos beats lawsuit against her “Access Hollywood” stylist
The “Extra” host was accused of defaming her former stylist at a party two years ago.

E-Trade’s talking baby is done with the Super Bowl
E-Trade has opted to not run a Super Bowl for the first time since 2007.

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