Samantha Bee meets the people who teach children how to physically fight school shooters

03.08.16 3 years ago

On last night's Full Frontal, Samantha Bee looked at how certain states are responding to school shootings by teaching small children to fight back, rather than introducing even the most basic gun control legislation.

There's Alon Stivi, who teaches children how to throw shoes and tennis balls at a gunman while charging him en masse. Bee says children could perhaps use a pen to write to a Congressman. Stivi says it could instead be used to stab a shooter in “the temple or the eyes.”

“I like to make things fun, entertaining, make games out of the training,” Stivi says.

And then there's Julia Cook, a children's book author who “teaches Alon's training to preschoolers,” as Bee puts it. 

At one point, Cook plays an accordion. At another, she whips her glasses at Bee to show how easy it can be to distract a school shooter.

“She was somehow more terrifying than Alon,” Bee says.

In the end, Bee decides that the most effective way to get through to the children in Congress is through the power of children's theater. 

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