Sarah Gadon explores the ‘tragic’ love story of ‘Dracula Untold’

This Friday, “Dracula Untold” hits movie theaters.  It is a completely different look at the famous vampire, in this case played by Luke Evans, than we have ever seen before.

It is more than just an origin story, however.  It is also, perhaps at its core, a love story.  Many of the actions taken by Vlad III which lead to his demise are things he does as a way to ensure the safety of not just his kingdom in general, but his family in particular.  He is spurred to these actions by his wife, Mirena, played by Sarah Gadon.

To be clear, Mirena does not tell Vlad to go out and become a vampire, she just reminds him of promises he has made to keep his family safe.   It is his love which, in turn, pushes him to darkness.

It is a tragic love story, one with devastating consequences for all involved.  Gadon sat down with us earlier this week to talk about that love story, her character's actions, and why it is that such love stories resonate so well through the centuries.

“We love tragic love stories, some of the most famous stories in the world are tragic love stories,” Gadon said.  Echoing a popular, undeniably true sentiment, she added, “I don't think that love is always perfect, I think it can be flawed.”

“Dracula Untold” is not Gadon's first period piece.  It isn't even her first period piece to open in 2014.  This spring, the actress appeared in Amma Asante's “Belle,” opposite Gugu Mbatha-Raw.  She was also in “A Dangerous Method” in 2011 and has completed work on a tale set in 1945, “Girls Night Out.”

Gadon said that the attraction to such work was not due to their taking place in the past.  “For me it's more about collaborating with people than it is about the time period or even the story we're telling.”  She explained, “I really believe in auteur cinema and I think that Amma made a beautiful film with 'Belle.'”

That isn't the only attraction to such films, however.  She went on to say, “I do like to lose myself in characters, for sure, and that's, I think, what I like about period pieces.”

You will be able to see on Friday just how lost she gets in “Dracula Untold,” when the film opens nationwide.  It is directed by Gary Shore and also stars Dominic Cooper and Charles Dance.