Sarah Silverman: ‘I don’t blame anybody for any lack of women’s parts other than women’

PARK CITY, UTAH – At the Golden Globes this winter, Maggie Gyllenhaa said “I”ve noticed a lot of people talking about the wealth of roles for powerful women in television lately… what I see actually are women who are sometimes powerful and sometimes not, sometimes sexy, sometimes not, sometimes honorable, sometimes not, and what I think is new is the wealth of roles for actual women in television and in film.”

It was her comment on the “strong female character” buzz, that “telling women's stories” doesn't mean any one particular archetype or role.

For Sarah Silverman in Sundance drama “I Smile Back,” her “woman's story” means her character's addictions and self-destruction spiral out of control all while she aggravates her marriage and her children.

It's Silverman's first leading film role, and her first dramatic role, after her many years as a standup comic, author, writer and television actress. Perhaps it was because of her coming on board for “Smile,” but Silverman feels confident that — in this era of casting — the power to create better and more women-centric stories lies in the hands of women themselves.

 “I don't blame anybody for any lack of women's parts other than women,” Silverman told HitFix on the red carpet to the “I Smile Back” premiere.

Silverman also expounded on what it took for her to land this particular role, and what will happen if it “sh*ts the bed.”

Watch our complete interview above. “I Smile Back” plays at Sundance all week.