‘Scandal’ recap: Forget the kids, what about Mellie?

This week's episode of “Scandal” revolved around Fitz and Mellie's lovely plot devices, I mean children, Karen and Jerry. I bet you forgot Fitz and Mellie even had kids other than little Teddy, didn't you? Well, I'd want to forget about Karen and Jerry, too, as they just seemed to pop up for the sole purpose of undermining Fitz's campaign and, by extension, making poor Olivia feel like the maid. Teenagers!

Even though Karen and Jerry had pretty sizable grudges to hold against Mom and Dad, it seemed that all was resolved in time for the live television broadcast of the family interview, making it much ado about nothing much. But let's face it — Karen and Jerry served their purpose, which had nothing to do with them (sorry, kids) and everything to do with the rest of the cast. Thanks, Karen, for getting this whole Mellie-Andrew affair out in the open. Maybe you can come back in a week or two to accidentally push Mellie just far enough to explain why she hasn't wanted to have sex with her husband for ten years (although, hello, Teddy, so Fitz can't say it was a dry spell without a sprinkle or two). 

Watching Fitz try to slut shame Mellie for her affair with Andrew, whining about how his deceitful wife made excuses not to sleep with him so she could save all her love for Andrew, you could practically see the truth about Fitz's dad raping her bubble up on Bellamy Young's lips before she forcibly stuffed it back down. I'm pretty sure that cat isn't going to stay in the bag forever, but I can't quite imagine how Fitz will react when he hears about it. I guess we just need for Fitz and Olivia to be in a particularly lovey dovey patch so that revelation can send their relationship careening off the tracks. 

Speaking of careening off the tracks, does anyone else think that maybe Olivia is on a suicide mission with her goal of taking down B613 brick by brick? Yes, the gladiators are brilliant, they're devoted, but Jake and his minions have an advantage — they like to kill people. I don't think Jake would relish killing Olivia, but if he makes one more speech about how he is the only thing keeping the American public from drowning in a pool of its own tears I'll be convinced that he could kill a barrel of puppies if he thought it was for the greater good. Really, I'm waiting for him to bitch slap Fitz with a copy of “Leviathan” next week, then stomp out of the room in a thin, grey mist of righteous fury. 

If Jake didn't have the stomach to kill Olivia, though, he could always send Charlie. If you're a murderer, and Quinn is, Charlie is the best boyfriend. He'll totally kill that guy who licked you, promise! But Quinn seems to be realizing that Charlie's devotion has a sticky side order of creep attached to it, and she's a little too fond of Huck to let Charlie have the satisfaction of ridding her of her mentor.

But if Quinn has to decide between Charlie or Huck, I'm thinking she may just want to open an eHarmony account or something (is there a MurdererConnections or KillerMatch.com, maybe?). Quinn made a pretty good point about Huck only wanting to spare her life because they'd played tonsil hockey, and she definitively proved that Huck really, really gets off on licking (which we knew, but still). While Huck is a gladiator and for that we will always love him, I'm not really sure how many more Huck/Quinn make-out sessions I can take. 

Being a gladiator may mean you just dig crazy when it comes to dating. Harrison finally let down his guard (and, again, his pants) with Adnan, and surprise, surprise (to someone, I guess), she betrayed him. I'm still trying to sort out what Mama Pope's end game is in this, and for that matter, I'm not entirely sure what Papa Pope is trying to do by directing Olivia to the trail of breadcrumbs that make up B613's budget. But hey, if the end games were obvious, we wouldn't be watching, would we?

Did you think Mellie was going to tell Fitz the truth? What did you think of Cyrus attacking Jake? And what did you think of Andrew's “glass houses” comment to Olivia?