Is Screening Room the death knell for movie making as we know it?

Earlier this week, Napster mastermind Sean Parker proposed a new way to watch movies: Screening Room.

Screening Room would allow viewers to essentially rent a film – even a Hollywood tentpole – for $50 for a 48-hour period beginning the weekend it opens in theatres.

As Variety reports, Hollywood heavy hitters such as Peter Jackson, Martin Scorsese, Steven Spielberg, J.J. Abrams have all come out in support of the endeavor while James Cameron, Christopher Nolan, and (not surprisingly) theatre chains are opposed to the notion of day-and-date at home viewing for would-be blockbuster movies.

Here, Roth Cornet and Clarke Wolfe talk about Parker”s new plan and what it means for the industry at large. Is Screening Room the death knell for cinema?

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