Shailene Woodley: ‘It’s American to not say how you’re feeling.’

Shailene Woodley has proven one talent time and again on the silver screen: She's an expert at portraying characters who are coping with unthinkable, devastating circumstances. 

“I think it's amazing, our ability to put on a mask when internally we may be feeling something else,” Woodley told us. “I also think it's very American to not actually say how you're feeling, versus in other places in the other world.”

Woodley, who wowed us in “The Descendants,” “The Fault In Our Stars,” and “Divergent,” is yet another complicated protagonist in Gregg Araki's new haunting drama “White Bird in a Blizzard.” As a confused teen whose mother leaves the family, Woodley has to convey strength, skepticism, and a lot of vulnerability.

“I think it's more interesting to be a messy human being than to be a perfect human being,” she said to us. “Because none of us is perfect. We're all so messy. We're all dealing with history and emotions and feelings constantly every day throughout our lives.”

We also talked to Woodley and Araki about working with Christopher Meloni and Eva Green, making a dramatic movie fun on set, and surprise moments of brilliance.