Sit back and marvel at Kevin Smith’s ‘Tusk’ monologue: ‘That’s how art happens’

I know this isn't news to anyone, but: boy, Kevin Smith sure can talk.

Which isn't a complaint, by the way. Originally scheduled for a four-minute sit-down with the director to discuss his compellingly bizarre new horror film “Tusk,” I was ultimately treated to a full eight-and-a-half minute monologue as he broke down the unusual origins of his latest project (a fortuitous hoax posting on Craigslist-style U.K. website Gumtree), why he was so insistent on having “Spring Breakers” and “Bling Ring” distributor A24 on board (“I watched them take a Harmony Korine movie in the 21st century and make it do double digits”), why stoner conversations are the only pure thing left to us by Corporate America, and what made a film about a podcaster being turned into a walrus by a deranged former sailor the least risky project of his career.

Watch the full screed above.

“Tusk” hits theaters this Friday.