Sony Is Re-Releasing ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ In Theaters With Four Minutes Of New Footage


Spider-Man: Far From Home is already the highest-grossing Sony film of all time at the global box office. Yet this fact hasn’t stopped the studio from deciding to re-release to theaters the latest result of its partnership with Marvel Studios. Not only that, but the new cut of the film will feature an additional four minutes of footage that wasn’t included in its original theatrical release.

On Monday, The Hollywood Reporter confirmed the rumored re-release will occur ahead of the Labor Day Weekend in early September with screenings on Thursday, August 29th at select theaters. From then on, it will expand to participating locations for additional screenings on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Avengers: Endgame pulled a similar trick back in late June, though it’s not known for sure if this played a role in Sony’s decision to put its prize cash cow back out into the world.

Nor is it known what, exactly, the contents of the four minutes’ worth of new footage would be. All that THR could reveal was provided by the official release, which hinted at there being an “action sequence” that wasn’t included in the original theatrical run of Far From Home. Maybe audiences will see Peter Parker (Tom Holland) fight yet another new enemy while traveling abroad: puberty.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)