Peter Parker’s ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ Video Diaries Show His Perspective In ‘Captain America: Civil War’

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07.03.17 2 Comments

We’re finally in the home stretch before Spider-Man: Homecoming hits theaters on July 6th, and it seems we’ve been seeing snippets of what’s been called the “the best Spider-Man movie ever” for months. Gather all of the clips up, and maybe we’ve seen a good 10-15 percent of the movie, which is totally fine because the build-up has been exciting. Not only is Homecoming the first official Spider-Man film in the MCU, it’s a quasi-prequel to some of the events in Captain America: Civil War.

At this point, the debut of Underoos in the battle between the Avengers is one of the most iconic moments of the movie. Seemingly out of nowhere, Spidey makes his first on-screen appearance by yanking Captain America’s shield from him as the two sets of heroes get ready to collide. Now, with Peter Parker’s video diaries as a behind-the-scenes look, we get to see the lead-up to the fight and the battle itself from a brand new perspective.

Not only does this fit the modern interpretation of Peter Parker, but it’s a clever way to link the increasingly dense plot of the MCU, and it gives weight to Spidey’s debut. Now when you go back and watch Civil War, you know that during all the back and forth between Cap and Iron Man, Spidey is around the corner, capturing it all on his phone.

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