Spock Will Appear On ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ In An Episode Directed By A ‘Star Trek’ Veteran


The dream of a Quentin Tarantino-directed film is on hold for now, but Star Trek fans have something else to look forward to: Star Trek: Discovery season two. The inaugural 15-episode run ended on a stunning twist, and speaking of surprises, while recently speaking at the El Paso Comic Con, actor-director-bearded First Officer Jonathan Frakes announced some of the familiar names who will appear in the sophomore season of the CBS All Access series.

According to Justin Oser, the host of the Star Trek: The Next Generation show “Earl Grey” on Trek FM, Frakes confirmed that Anson Mount will appear in the second episode as Captain Christopher Pike and that the episode will include Spock. However, he did not confirm that it would be the adult Spock, who would be science officer aboard the Enterprise at the time Star Trek: Discovery takes place, but that a younger Spock would be featured in flashbacks along with his foster sister, Michael Burnham. (Via Comic Book)

Many young actors have donned the pointy Vulcan ears over the years, but the role of Spock is synonymous with two actors: Leonard Nimoy, who sadly passed away in 2015, and Zachary Quinto, who’s waiting for another film. But whoever the Discovery producers pick, he’d better have good dance moves.

(Via Comic Book)