‘Spring Breakers’ getting a ‘remix’ says Harmony Korine

A movie “remix”? Leave it to Harmony Korine.

In a recent interview with the LA Times, the “Spring Breakers” writer/director told the newspaper he’s planning a “chopped and screwed” version of the indie hit starring Selena Gomez, which he claimed to be working on with a number of unnamed “different people.”

“I had this idea,” said Korine. “With music remixes sometimes, when certain producers take a song and chop them up and deconstruct them – why not try that with a feature film? Using all different footage, making the same film all over again.”

While Korine seemed relatively certain of the remix’s eventual release to the public, he was less clear on the mode of distribution.

“Let”s just say for right now there”ll be a whole alternate film at some point,” he said. “Maybe on the DVD, maybe on iTunes.” (Note: The press materials for the forthcoming DVD do not include any mention of a “remix,” according to the Times.)

Korine’s description of the alternate version as “the first chopped and screwed movie” refers to a remixing technique in hip-hop music in which the tempo is slowed down considerably and “chopped-up” with record scratches and other such additions to replicate the effects of ingesting a popular codeine-laced drink known as “sizzurp” or “purple drank.”

“The film has been sizzurped!” Korine added. “The ghost of DJ Screw [late founder of the ‘chopped and screwed’ movement] came back and edited the film. It”s going to be an interesting experiment.”

“Spring Breakers” hits DVD on July 9.

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