‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Fans Overseas Got An Extra Treat From Netflix With The Show’s Premiere

While Star Trek fans in the United States are forced to purchase CBS All Access to keep up with the latest Trek TV series, Discovery, fans in other parts of the world are getting it as part of their Netflix subscriptions. CBS All-Access users do get first crack at the new episodes when they air, the folks watching on Netflix get a few other little Easter eggs that might be worth the wait.

To celebrate the premiere of the show, fans have the choice of watching the first episode with Klingon subtitles throughout. It gives the geeky experience that some crave and actually makes it something special for those looking for something to special to celebrate the return of Trek to TV.

The language was first devised by Star Trek actor James Doohan and producer Jon Povill for the first Star Trek film, but was fully fleshed out into a language by linguist Marc Okrand who regulates it today and wrote The Klingon Dictionary in 1985. Thanks to the continuing appearance of the race in Star Trek productions since its publication, the language has flourished and some have even become fluent in it.

The addition of the subtitles in the show thrilled many online and they shared their enthusiasm with everybody, including those American fans that don’t have the luxury:

Netflix also released a trailer for the series that takes the opposite route, delivering all of the dialogue in Klingon while providing English subtitles to follow along. Things do not look good for the Federation by the way, but hopefully that doesn’t spoil anything for the rest of the season.

(Via Mashable)