This Adorable Chewbacca Toy Might Make The Robot Apocalypse Worth It

Toy Fair 2018 is in progress in New York, starting over the weekend and ending on Tuesday. Of the many items appealing to both kids and adults popping up on social media, one in particular made a Kessel Run into our hearts in only 12 parsecs. It’s a robot Chewbacca so cute we might be okay with a robot apocalypse if they all looked like this Wookiee instead of being nightmare fuel.

Called the “Star Wars Ultimate Co-pilot Chewie,” it can detect movement, sounds, and contact. It’s made by FurReal Friends, so it has all the cute animatronic features (and them some) of those toys. It’s 16 inches tall and comes with over 100 different reactions. Some of them are seen in the videos above and below from Ryan Penagos of Marvel New Media. The Chewie robot will respond to a hello by roaring and waving his arms. He has different reactions to having his head rubbed, to being picked up, to being tickled, to being swung around like he’s flying, etc. He even garbles his roars when he’s shaken and can be rocked to sleep.

The Star Wars Ultimate Co-pilot Chewie won’t be on shelves in time for Solo: A Star Wars Story‘s opening on May 25th. Hasbro plans to release it this fall at a retail price of $129.99. That makes it pricier than most FurReal Friends toys, but those other toys aren’t nearly this cute:

(Via Blastr)