When Will The ‘Star Wars’ Live-Action Streaming Series Be Set?

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when will star wars series be set


We know that Jon Favreau is working on a live-action Star Wars series and… uh, well, that’s pretty much all we know about Favreau’s series. The series is in the works, but the lid has been kept tightly sealed on the show. But word is beginning to come out, and we know where, exactly, in the Star Wars timeline the series will be set.

According to a tweet from Nerdist’s Dan Casey, Favreau has revealed that the series will take place seven years after the Battle of Endor, presumably starting with the ecological disaster that shattering a planet-sized space-station over that moon caused, and will be following an entirely new set of characters as they navigate a post-Empire world and as the Rebellion tries to restore the Republic amid the rise of the First Order. Favreau will also be using motion capture and effects tech for some of the characters, so don’t expect as many Chewie suits.

The series is still being written, so that’s pretty much all we know about it at the moment, aside from the fact it will likely anchor Disney’s new streaming service, which is arriving in late 2019. This is normally where we’d make a joke about prequels, but considering Rogue One and the early response to Solo, the franchise has substantially raised its batting average. And hey, if they really follow through with the Ewokalypse, so much the better.

(via Dan Casey on Twitter)

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