‘Star Wars: Rebels’ Releases A Helpful Recap Video And Hints Of What’s To Come In Its Final Season


The final season of Star Wars: Rebels begins this Monday, October 16, and the Ghost crew is hurtling towards A New Hope and possibly their appearance in Rogue One. Considering none of the principal characters in Rebels show up in the new films, or have been retconned into the original trilogy (imagine the OG films getting another remaster without George Lucas), it’s safe to assume that they meet a grisly fate or have to go into hiding. But there’s still plenty of ways they escape in a galaxy, far, far away. Maybe.

In an interview with Nerdist, executive producer and supervising director Dave Filoni (who also presided over the Clone Wars movie and TV series), gave some hints to what we can expect out of this final season. His thoughts are worth mulling over after watching the primer up above that will catch you up on the adventures of young Jedi Ezra and company.

“There are some big-time explanations and reveals that are unlike anything we’ve done, and there are also other levels of weirdness that I’ve added to make up for that fact.

If you watch Rebels from the very beginning, you think, here’s a kid and the problem he has is that the Empire had taken over his planet, Lothal. The promise seems to be that by the end of this, he will find a way to rid his world of the Empire. But we know that the Empire builds the Death Star, builds another Death Star, and they don’t really get destroyed until Luke does it.

How in the world does this kid find any kind of victory in the middle of this conflict? What does he consider a victory? How is he going to use his powers?”

And if you’re still on the fence, let it be known that the conclusion of Darth Maul’s story alone is worth the price of admission. If you’re just watching to get to that, you’ll be satisfied. But knowing that we might see the earnest formation of the Rebel Alliance is too good to pass up.

It’s clear that the creators have been given plenty of room to establish some canonical roots in the series, so it’ll be interesting to find out the fate of the Ghost crew considering all seems lost come Episode IV.

They can’t kill off the entire cast of a Disney XD show, can they?

(Via Nerdist)