A ‘Star Wars’ Fan Made An Amazingly Retro ‘Rogue One’ VHS Commercial

Just when you think the Rogue One hype cycle has completed it’s natural course, the world proves you wrong. Months after the movie came out, and after every seeming permutation of a spoof has been published, the nostalgia monster has finally caught up to the latest movie in the Star Wars franchise. As one of only a few movies that won’t ever be available on VHS in the Star Wars series, there was pretty much no chance that any adorably, ridiculously retro commercials would ever be uprooted for fans to watch decades down the road. There will be current commercials, sure, but nothing that reminds people of their childhoods and blowing into the VHS capsule in order for the tape not to skip.

That is until one fan did everyone a favor and made one himself. Damien Kazan edited together a cheesy, yet perfect, retro commercial and released it into the world for everyone to imagine what it would be like had the movie come out in 1994 or something. Watching the minute-long video, it’s more than easy to imagine watching the movie for the 17th time on an old, beat up VHS and hoping that it doesn’t skip through the climactic beach battle scene.