Stephen King Gives ‘Stranger Things 2’ His Seal Of Approval

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While the general consensus on Stranger Things 2 is that it doesn’t quite live up to its phenomenal first season, there’s still not a lot of negativity being thrown at the show (other than that episode). People still love it … just not as much as they love the original Stranger Things. But one person who isn’t parsing their enjoyment of the new installment is legendary horror writer Stephen King, whose books and the movies based on his books have been a source of endless inspiration for the show.

Stranger Things has touched on elements from King’s work from Firestarter to It to The Mist and Stand By Me. And while the author has had iffy taste regarding some of his adaptations (he prefers the 1997 TV adaptation of The Shining over Kubrick’s 1980 classic), he’s been very on board with everything Stranger Things show creators the Duffer Brothers have been doing since the beginning.

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