Steven Spielberg’s ‘Lincoln’ trailer coming September 13

Trailer for trailers and press releases for trailers. What a world. Though I guess Disney’s big brou-ha-ha around the trailer for Steven Spielberg’s “Lincoln” is a little more understandable given the robust pomp and circumstance they’re bringing to its debut.

According to a press release this afternoon, plans have been set to — stay with me — launch a Google+ Hangout (for those who didn’t abandon the social networking attempt two days in) and premiere the trailer there on September 13. A live conversation with Spielberg and “Lincoln” star Joseph Gordon-Levitt will also be featured. The event will also be broadcast on the ABC SuperSign in the heart of New York’s Times Square, and somewhere in there, my head just exploded.

Fans interested in participating are asked to upload a short video to their own YouTube channel with the #LincolnHangout tag explaining who they are, why they are interested in the film and what they would like to ask Spielberg and Gordon-Levitt about the film. And oh, here’s the website:


As I mentioned in a recent Off the Carpet column, “Lincoln” is the film, on paper, that looks like one to beat in this year’s Oscar race. It has all the potential to be relevant and “important” enough to register, and as of now, it’s the only film that hasn’t debuted any footage. So the September 13 event will certainly be anticipated, but it feels like overkill to me. But hey, God bless ’em.

“Lincoln” opens nationwide on November 9.