‘The Walking Dead’ begins filming Season 7 next month, but Glenn might not be there

Much digital ink has been spilt discussing how was on the receiving end of Negan”s bat in the final moments of this year”s The Walking Dead. Several frontrunners emerge as the likely victim, including Daryl (Norman Reedus) and Abraham (Michael Cudlitz). But if AMC is staying as true to the source material as possible, the only person it should be is Glenn (Steven Yeun). After the irritating fake-out death earlier in the season, fans weren”t wanting to entertain the idea they”d gone through all that handwringing over Glenn”s fate for nothing.

But perhaps we did.

Earlier this week THR reported that Steven Yeun joined the cast of sci-fi flick Okja, directed by Boon Joon-Ho (Snowpiercer). Okja sounds appropriately bonkers. Starring Seohyun An as a girl who befriends Okja, a genetically manufactured pig, the plot follows her mission to retrieve her now giant pig after he is kidnapped by the corporation that created him. It sounds like dystopian Clifford: The Big Red Dog.

The only problem is the film is already in production. Co-stars Tilda Swinton, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Paul Dano are currently on set. As of this writing, the cast is in Seoul, but other filming locations will include the U.S. and Canada. The Walking Dead is set to resume production on May 2. This makes the timeline for Yeun…interesting.

As he was cast after production began, Yeun could have a small role in Okja. And there will be some production done on U.S. soil, so he might not even have to go to South Korea for his role. But it does set off several alarms to have one of the likely options of Lucille”s wrath pick up a new movie role less than two weeks before The Walking Dead returns. I”m not saying Glenn is dead. I”m just saying it doesn”t look good.

What do y”all think?