The ‘Stranger Things’ Creators Called ‘Ghostbusters’ For A Big Season 2 Favor

Who you gonna call? Dan Aykroyd, apparently.

Much of the marketing for Stranger Things season two has revolved around the Hawkins boys — Dustin, Mike, Lucas, and Will — dressed up as Venkman, Ray, Egon, and Winston. (You just know Mr. Clarke fancies himself a Louis Tully type.) The season begins on Halloween 1984, four months after the comedy came out, so it makes sense that four nerdy pre-teens would put on the proton packs to go trick-or-treating. But behind the scenes, it wasn’t that easy: the Duffer brothers, Ross and Matt, had to call Ghostbusters director Ivan Reitman and writer/star Dan Aykroyd for permission to use the outfits.

“We got to talk to Ivan Reitman on the phone because he and Dan Aykroyd had to approve it,” Matt Duffer told Entertainment Weekly. “[Reitman] said it was flattering. He read the scripts. He had seen the first season or at least had heard of it or pretended like he had. But they were really into being part of the show. Then they sent us all these Ghostbusters toys at the end of the shoot. That’s one of my top 5 most worn-out VHS tapes.”

If Stranger Things runs another three seasons, as expected, viewers can look forward to seeing Eleven in the most popular Halloween costume of 1988: Captain Tom Everett from Caddyshack II.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)