Summer Box Office Winners and Losers: ‘Man of Steel,’ Will Smith, ‘The Lone Ranger’

Not everyone can be a winner, but in Hollywood every studio would at least like every film to make a profit.  That’s an almost impossible feat, but even harder when the lucrative summer season begins and it’s truly survival of the fittest.  The 2013 summer box office provided some big lessons in this respect. Audiences want surprises and thrills even if they are horrific (“The Conjuring,” “The Purge”).  They also want to laugh, desperately (“We’re The Millers”).  And, yes, they want sequels even if they complain about to many of them being made (“Fast and Furious 6,” “Grown Ups 2”).

Taking all that into account, let’s review some of the biggest winners and losers from the 2013 summer box office season in the embedded gallery in this article.  You might be surprised who made the cut and who didn’t.

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