‘Survivor – Millennials Vs. Gen X’ will divide families, friendships

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Yes, Survivor is still on. And it has a dedicated, loyal fanbase. This season hopes to inject the franchise with some new fans as a team of hashtag-loving youngsters take on former Ethan Hawke worshippers AKA Survivor – Millennials Vs. Gen X.  

As a Gen X person, I remember when we were considered the slackers. We wore flannel and loved grunge and cared for Winona Ryder. But according to generational experts across our great land, that Gen X stereotype went away once we entered the work force. Now we are the hard working types who disdain “participation trophies” and all the entitlement that supposedly comes with it. I guess. I mean, I could have used a few participation trophies. It might have prevented my nightly crying jags. 

Here's another theory. Labeling the generations is pretty silly. What happens is that when we are young, we enjoy the latitude and freedom as best we can. When we get older, we take on more responsibility, and we utilize our experience and endurance as best we can. Youth has its advantages. And so does age. And if we're lucky, we get to do both. And this has been happening since the beginning of humanity. Generation naming is just a marketing tool. But Survivor – Younger People Vs. Older People doesn't roll off the tongue. 

Either way, if you haven't watched Survivor in awhile, or you have never seen it all. It's really a lot of fun, year in, year out. And once the first four episodes have aired, we'll see probably see the two tribes mix and the real gameplay start. So if you're in an office, start a workplace pool. If you're living at home, ask your family to watch this with you so you can get in some healthy arguments about how long it takes people to get to school barefoot, as if sneakers weren't invented long before we were all born. If you've survive the political season, you can still fight over this. 

By the way, I'm rooting for the Millennials.  I can't relate to the Gen X people they cast.  And my choice for winner is the hilarious, sarcastic, absurdist Zeke. Do it, Zeke!


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