T Minus 365 Days to ‘Alien: Covenant’: Katherine Waterston enters hypersleep?

Here's something: Ridley Scott's Alien: Covenant is now just 365 days (read: one whole stinkin' year) away. Luckily, the official Facebook account for the Alien franchise is starting the long countdown with a new video that shows Katherine Waterston's Daniels — the captain of the eponymous Covenant spacecraft — in a state of what may or may not be hypersleep:

To be clear, this is not a shot from the actual film but rather footage taken of one of the production's video monitors, likely recorded quite awhile back given that Alien: Covenant wrapped filming last month. Hypersleep, for those unfamiliar, is a sci-fi trope used in all four Alien films and Prometheus in which passengers on interstellar vessels are essentially frozen for long voyages so as not to have to endure months-to-years-long trips (it also cuts down on the costs of nutrition, as no food or drink is required in a state of suspended animation). 

In Alien: Covenant, Daniels and her crew travel to a “remote planet on the far side of the galaxy,” a voyage that would presumably require hypersleep — though without context there's no way to know whether the new clip is showing us that or something else entirely. In any event, stay posted here for further updates.

Alien: Covenant hits theaters on August 4, 2017.